As with any other areas concerning health issues, certain foot health problems are more common than others. Many people will experience foot pain or foot health issues that require podiatry specialists at some point throughout their lives and knowing in advance that their condition is relatively common can help reduce anxiety. Here are just a few of the most common foot health problems and their symptoms to be on the lookout for; if you notice any indicators of these conditions, make an appointment with a local podiatry specialist as soon as possible.

Hammer Toes

Hammer toes are toes that appear claw-like due to an unnatural bend in the middle joint and are often slightly rotated or misaligned due to a variety of factors. They tend to be fairly common, especially among those who are on their feet more often. The Mayo Clinic reports that there are 200,000 cases of hammer toes reported a year. Usually, hammer toes can be diagnosed by podiatry specialists and treatment is fairly simple. Because the cause is often connected with footwear, treatment could be as simple as changing the fit or style of shoes you most regularly wear to ones with a roomier fit and using shoe inserts.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic foot problems are especially common among both diabetic and pre-diabetic patients. One of the most common foot health issues associated with diabetes is diabetic neuropathy, in which nerves in the feet are damaged by poor blood circulation among other conditions. Symptoms can include numbness, tingling or pain in the feet. The numbness that diabetic neuropathy causes can make you more prone to other foot health issues, as it becomes more difficult to notice and quickly treat other damage.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is another common condition that can cause foot pain over time, especially for those who are often on their feet as part of their daily activities. In fact, this condition is commonly cited as one of the most frequent sources of heel pain. The ligament that supports the arch of the foot becomes inflamed, causing pain when first getting out of bed and with increased activity. Plantar fasciitis can often be treated at home with proper long-term care, but if at-home remedies don’t work, a podiatrist can provide alternative options.

Foot pain and health problems are more common than you may first realize, but most can be treated with the help of podiatry specialists. To learn more about common causes of foot and ankle pain or to schedule an appointment to address your foot health problems, contact the Dynamic Foot and Ankle Center today.

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