Medical pedicures prioritize the overall health of the foot and nail – not just the color of your nail polish as cosmetic pedicures. While normal pedicures can do a fine job at cleaning your feet and removing dead skin cells, medical pedicures take it to the next level. You will leave with your feet looking and feeling in tip-top shape. Patients have often reported feeling 10x lighter or as if they are walking away with a brand new pair of feet!

Medical pedicures combine podiatric practices, with cosmetic nail care, and the attentiveness of a foot doctor to give you a full spectrum spa experience. Our experts are trained in diabetic foot care and can treat any foot issues you may be experiencing.

Your medical pedicure will begin with an in-depth analysis of your feet. An exam will be performed to determine if you have any underlying foot conditions that could be causing you pain or discomfort. Every inch of your feet will be buffed, scrubbed, cleaned, and tended to. Removals or corns, calluses, fungus, or ingrown will be taken care of in this step as well.

Why it’s called a “medical” pedicure

One reason medical pedicures are identified as so is because they’re much more hygienic. With our medical grade sterilization procedures, you don’t have to worry about catching foot fungus (a concern with traditional nail salons). You will receive specialized attention with a professional inspection and treatment of any possible foot conditions. You will be able to kick back and relax for treatment in our comfortable setting.

A high-quality crystal file will buff your toenails to prevent snags and shape your nails to avoid ingrown. Say goodbye to all the excessive dead skin cells and calluses, and hello to super smooth feet! Medical pedicures are extremely thorough and personal and will leave you feeling as if you’re walking on clouds.

Who medical pedicures are for

Anyone with feet! Medical pedicures can be beneficial for everyone who wants to improve or maintain their current foot health. Our experts are trained in the treatment of diabetic foot care and can help even the most sensitive of feet.

What can medical pedicures treat?

Toenail fungus, warts, corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, ingrown, yellow nails, cracked heels, diabetic foot care, and nail discoloration.

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