Take two steps forward and tell me what you feel. Is there a blister burning on the pinky toe of your right foot? Maybe that odd bump on the heel of your left foot sends a shock through your body each time you touch the ground. Or when you move your ankle in just the right way you hear that funny noise again. We live in an age where health is on trend, everyone looking for the new superfood or how to get their food in the most organic way possible. But how often do you stop and think about your foot health? Everywhere you go, you take your feet with you. So it is time you stop and take care of them as well.

Foot and ankle conditions are everywhere in our society. About 10% of the population struggles with Plantar Fascitis. That means out of every group of ten people, one of them is walking around with foot pain. The Mayo Clinic reports 200,000 cases of hammer toes each year. Foot conditions come in unexpected ways too, in 2017, The American Association of Diabetes Educators reported 30.3 million people diagnosed with diabetes, which greatly increases one’s risk of certain foot and ankle conditions such as foot ulcers. 33.9% of U.S. adults are reported by The American Association of Diabetes Educators to have prediabetes, meaning these conditions could be in their future. Take some time for your feet, there are people who live to cure the foot and ankle problems that you have begun to see as an unavoidable part of life. Whether you want an ankle specialist, foot specialist, diabetic foot specialist, or whatever else, here are a few tips to get you started in finding the right one for you.

Start With Your Primary Care Physician:

Ask a doctor you trust for some podiatry specialists references. Chances are they know a few people, and have worked with them in relation to foot health before which ensures them to be a reliable option.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Convenience:

Life doesn’t slow down when foot and ankle problems arise. If you don’t find a doctor that conveniently fits into your life, you will likely never follow through with an actual appointment. A quick google search of “foot doctors near me” can help you discover the location of doctors you are considering, and you can find one on your way to work. Hours matter too- most clinics will have online sites with their hours listed. Check those hours to see if you will be able to make appointments during your availability.

Ask About Experience:

Make a preliminary appointment and ask all the questions that are jumping around in your head. One appointment isn’t an agreement to a lifetime together, and it gives you the chance to find out if they have worked with foot and ankle conditions similar to what is affecting you. 

Take the time to take a load off your feet and see a podiatrist for any foot and ankle conditions. That little twinge you feel when you rotate your ankle isn’t supposed to be there, and an ankle specialist is waiting to help it go away.

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