Podiatrists are healthcare professionals that treat conditions in the feet and lower limbs. Among those are fungi that are growing on your toenails or skin, damage to the foot bones, ligaments, and tendons, and metabolic or immune system disorders that particularly impact the feet. These are some signs it may be time to visit a Podiatrist.

When Starting to Regularly Workout

Not everybody is a workout warrior and knows the ins and outs of properly preparing their body for high-impact sports such as intense runs, jogs, or pickup games of basketball. If you’re new to working out and being active, you may experience blisters, shin splints, and general soreness in your feet. When you find yourself struggling to adjust to a more active lifestyle, seeing a podiatrist can be helpful for getting treatment and learning to prevent aches and pains from ulcerated skin or deeper soft tissue ruptures.

Walking is a struggle

If you are having trouble simply walking without pain or going about your normal tasks, there can be even bigger issues. Things that may affect your walking include bunions, toe deformities, calluses, and swelling or numbness. Surgery may be needed for skeletal issues but podiatrists are often able to provide less invasive treatments if a problem is caught early. Structural issues in the foot are concerning, but numbness or pain could also be a sign of a disorder such as diabetes or rheumatism.

Ingrown Toenails

Podiatrists don’t just handle major medical issues; they also handle mundane pains such as ingrown toenails, fungal toe infections, and thickened toenails. Ingrown toenails are an issue that many people ignore but it is important that it be addressed right away. Infections can occur on the bone of your toe if not treated. Bleeding will happen from the jamming of the toenail against the shoe as you walk, causing you severe pain and balance issues if not handled properly.

Normally people only think of going to see a Podiatrist after they break a foot and need surgery, however there are many different things Podiatrists treat and we often work as part of patients’ care teams for chronic conditions. Visiting a Podiatrist as a preventive measure before your feet or toes become a real issue is something to consider in order to ensure good health for your feet and lower limbs as you move forward.

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